Solar Technology Innovations: What’s New With Solar?

Solar technology has been one of the country’s fastest-growing industries, offering clean energy generation and a long lifetime guaranteed to recoup up to 80% of installation costs in electricity bill savings. Solar technology has turned from one of the most expensive sources of energy into one of the cheapest. California, long known as one of the sunniest states in the United States, is already set to be the first to require solar panel installations on all new homes and residential properties, further encouraging innovations on solar technology.

That being said, California and the United States as a whole have been lagging behind many other nations in solar energy use, even if the country leads in tech advancements. However, there is hope and a huge potential for the US to be the leading solar energy producer and user in the world with all the new technology they are developing. Here are some developments for solar technology in 2019, developments that are projected to usher an era of greater solar use for the whole country.

The solar skin

Solar panels have long been produced with the appearance of translucent chips arranged in an array called the solar panel. This is the common solar panels that are being installed on the roofs or yards of many American homes. But what if the homeowner does not want the look of solar panels on their roofs? Here is where solar skins come in. They are so-called because they can be made to look like the roof they are covering without the accompanying drop in efficiency when customized panels are involved.

Solar Textiles

This is an inaccurate representation. But there are advances on solar panels that can be sewn onto fabrics. The technology isn’t new but strides are being made to make sure that the technology is safe for human skin contact and affordable enough for ordinary Americans to purchase. 

Photovoltaic roads

A historic road in the United States is being fitted with solar cells. Route 66 was chosen to be the test location for the first solar-powered road, with the hope that more innovations are going to come out of this achievement. Projected advances are LED bulbs lighting interstate and remote roads at night, and roads having the capacity to melt winter ice through heat generated by the cells.

Water purifier powered by solar energy

American scientists have developed a device that could purify water when exposed to the sun. The device looks like a small tablet and was developed by researchers from Stanford University with the collaboration of the Department of Energy. It requires only a small amount of sunlight to function and has become so efficient that they are now must-haves for all hikers and campers.

With California gearing up for the expected solar energy boom when the law requiring new residential structures to put up solar installations kicks in, there is much excitement and anticipation as to where the technology could go. Leading the solar charge in San Diego and the Bay Area is Soleeva Energy, long the best solar company in its area. Visit us at and find out how we can help you get your solar module installation now.


Concrete Roof Frame is Popular Again

The concrete roof frame is made of concrete. It is a mixture of sand, cement, and split with a certain ratio which is cast on the mold by providing reinforcing steel in it. The size of the width and length of the beam is made with a ratio of 2: 3, with a height of about 1/10 to 1/12 span.

The frame of the concrete roof is usually combined with other materials for gording, rafters, and battens, such as wood or mild steel. The concrete roof frame has the heaviest load compared to other roof frames. Therefore the load of the concrete roof is greater for the structure below it (beams, columns, foundations). Another disadvantage, the process is relatively complicated.

It starts from the flow of the reinforcement process and installation of formwork, casting, dismantling formwork, drying, and tampering. Drying time is also relatively long, at least around 28 days. Sometimes the size can also be incorrect. But the concrete roof truss also has several advantages.

Such as anti-termite, anti-fungal, anti-rust, non-flammable, and does not have shrinkage expansion. The concrete roof frame in roof installation is also more durable, and provides more space.