Call Your Councilmembers

To pass this measure, we need the firm support of at least five Seattle City Councilmembers. You can help by calling your three representatives on the city council. If you are a Seattle resident, you have one district councilmember (depending on where you live) and the two citywide councilmembers (Tim Burgess and Lorena Gonzalez). Please give them a call to voice your support for this campaign!

Sample script:

Hi, my name is [your name] and I am calling to ask Councilmember ______________ to support a local income tax on the wealthiest households. Seattle needs this measure because:

  • Our tax structure is the most regressive in the nation. Poor people in our city pay over 15% of their income in state and local taxes, while rich people pay only 5% (source).

  • We constantly have to pass new levies to pay for public services. This measure will help us to become less reliant on property and sales taxes in the future.

  • We already support it: 63% of Seattle voters voted in favor of a statewide income tax in 2010 (source).

Increasing funding for public services is especially important because

  • We’re in the middle of a housing affordability crisis in Seattle

  • President Trump's proposed budget would cut housing and transit funding, environmental protections, and many other vital programs. Seattle needs to step up!

I believe this is a time for Seattle to act boldly and do everything in our power to resist Trump, and that's why I support a local income tax affecting only the wealthiest households. As someone who lives in [Your District or Neighborhood], I hope you will support this measure and pass it without delay.

Tip: If you are leaving a voicemail message for your district councilmember, it is a good idea to say your street address or a nearby intersection, so they know that you live in their district.

Find your District Councilmember

District 1: Lisa Herbold: 206-684-8803

District 2: Bruce Harrell: 206-684-8804

District 3: Kshama Sawant: 206-684-8016

District 4: Rob Johnson: 206-684-8808

District 5: Debora Juarez: 206-684-8805

District 6: Mike O’Brien: 206-684-8800

District 7: Sally Bagshaw: 206-684-8801

Citywide Position 8: Tim Burgess: 206-684-8806

Citywide Position 9: Lorena Gonzalez: 206-684-8802


Additional Talking Points

  • I want to see Seattle take the lead in challenging Washington State's unfair tax system. We can't rely on the legislature to act, so it's up to Seattle to show leadership and initiative.
  • Seattle and Washington State are in a bad position to withstand federal cuts because our tax system is so regressive. We're already failing to fund basic things like education and mental health.
  • We need to raise new progressive revenue so that we can make Seattle a city for everyone, not only for the rich.
  • Right now Washington State has the most regressive tax system in the country. Middle- and low-income households are paying more than their fair share of state and local taxes.
  • By passing a local tax based on income, Seattle can kickstart the legal process and build momentum to finally make a statewide progressive income tax possible.
  • And, read the FAQ page to make sure you're informed.