Let's Pack City Hall: Resolution for a Progressive Income Tax!

  • Seattle City Hall 600 4th Avenue Seattle, WA, 98104 United States

Yes, you heard that right! On May Day at their 2pm full council meeting, the City Council will be voting on a RESOLUTION expressing The City of Seattle’s intent to adopt a progressive income tax targeting high-income households. The Resolution establishes a goal of having an ORDINANCE drafted by the end of May, and finally passed on July 10th.

This is a MAJOR MILESTONE in the Trump-Proof Seattle Campaign!! We are making amazing progress - but now it's more important than ever to redouble our efforts. There remain many open questions and opportunities for delay, and we need to keep the pressure on to make sure a strong ordinance is crafted and passed on schedule.

FIRST STEP: Help us pack City Hall on May 1st to show our City Councilmembers that Seattle residents want our city to take the lead in challenging our upside-down tax system, raising new revenue to protect against Trump budget cuts, and making Seattle a city for everyone, not just for the rich!

Are you going to Judkins Park for the May Day Rally and March? Meet us there! Look for the Transit Riders Union banner. A contingent will be leaving Judkins and heading to City Hall in time to arrive at 2pm, and then rejoining the march afterwards.

Or, if you're not marching that day, just meet us at City Hall!