Get Involved

Want to be added to our email announcement list for this campaign? Contact us and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop.

To pass this measure, we need the firm support of at least five Seattle City Councilmembers. We are asking Seattle residents to call their three representatives on the city council to voice support for this campaign. It really makes a difference! You can find phone numbers and a sample script here.

TRU's organizing team needs volunteers! There is lots to do, including hanging posters; phone banking; making signs and buttons; staffing tables at events; organizing events; and much more. Please contact us and include a message letting us know you want to get involved.

Help us spread the word about progressive taxation by hosting a house party where your friends and neighbors can learn about this campaign! We can provide ideas, materials, and someone to speak about the campaign. Contact us and one of our organizers will help you get started.

TRU's expenses include renting space for our volunteer work parties; printing and materials costs for flyers, signs, buttons, etc.; computer- and website-related expenses; and organizer stipends. TRU has no offices and no full-time paid staff, so this is a shoestring-budget, volunteer-powered campaign, and your donation makes a big difference!

A great way to support this campaign is to become a member of the Transit Riders Union - especially if you're a transit rider, too! TRU is an independent democratic organization, and as a member you have a voice and a vote at our monthly meetings.