Trump-Proof Seattle - Unite for Tax Justice!

  • Trump's proposed 2018 federal budget would slash and burn vital programs. Funding for public housing and  transit projects, the Environmental Protection Agency, scientific research – all are on the chopping block. Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

  • Protecting our communities requires resources. We’re in a weak position to cope with cuts because of Washington State’s regressive tax system: lower-income households already pay high state and local taxes, and yet we can’t fund basic services like education.

  • We can fight back by requiring the wealthiest households to pay a fairer share of taxes.

  • The Trump-Proof Seattle campaign is proposing a local tax of 1.5% on income in excess of $250,000 per year. If upheld by the State Supreme Court, this could raise over $125 million/year in Seattle, set an example for other cities, and forge a path to tax justice in Washington State!

On March 1st the coalition introduced the project to the Seattle city council.

What's up with Washington State's tax system, and what does this campaign propose to do about it?

Who is behind this effort, and what is its history? What organizations are involved?

What is the Transit Riders Union? Why are transit riders organizing to tax the wealthy to protect against Trump?